waiting for my tea to cool.

on this beautifully cool evening, i look forward to warming myself down to my toes with a cup of peppermint tea and some freshly-baked sugar cookies... it is lovely indeed to be enjoying this treat with the sound of crickets and frogs still ringing loudly through the summer night. it is my favorite time of year to say the least, and this night is begging for reminiscence.

when i turned 28, my dear friend took me out for dessert and stood beside me patiently as i nursed a prematurely-wounded heart (it did take a little longer than the one night). it was a nonplussed celebration.
following was a wonderful whirlwind of second storie, of new friends, more new friends (who've added beautifully to my art collection!), new strength, and new hope... and yes, more new friends.
when i just turned 29, my same dear friend who rescued me from 28 (with beautiful help this time) gathered together the amazing group of friends i am so honored to know. it was a sublime (and surprise) celebration.
perfectly parenthetical birthdays... filled with love and pride.

what, oh what, will these coming twelve months hold? i am brimming with excitement if not words!!


joAnn said...

this past year has seen more change than i would have thought possible and almost all for the better. i am so glad to know our little gathering meant so much to you.

and believe me, everyone there feels honored to know you.

shanna murray said...

i love this post. and i love you. so much more than glad you were born! what would life be without you, i can't fathom it.

here's to the amazing year in store!