This weekend, I fell in love. Purl is her name, adorable is her game. She was found by a friend all alone out in the cold, but she lives with us now and is showered with love, food, and warmth. She's a wee month old, and I'm pretty excited to watch her grow. (Though, I wouldn't mind it one bit if she stayed this tiny forever.)
As with any new love, there's an obsession stage, and I'm smack in the middle of it. It feels so comfortable and natural to take care of her; my heart swells at the mere thought of her. Oh how she must have suffered before coming here! But she's a tough little girl, and has adapted well to life with a knitter. I found her this morning curled up in one of my knitting baskets, her head nestled into some yarn.
Adorable, my little Purl.


And so it begins

2012, I welcome you with open arms.
365 days ago, I was at an Urgent Care clinic, suffering from strep throat. It was a pretty miserable way to begin 2011.
Today I woke slowly to an uncommonly warm, sunny day, and I sneaked out to get bagels and coffee for B and I. We lounged and read the paper, luxuries we rarely afford ourselves together. It was a pretty perfect way to begin 2012.
The clouds have now rolled in, and the wind has its usual winter chill again. The afternoon for me holds a little baking at the restaurant, a little housework, and hopefully time to make this cozy treat.
A good year is to come.