a cozy romance...

it may seem from my previous post that i've been off on romantic adventures, galavanting through dewy meadows and taking afternoon horseback rides along the beach... oh, the romance of romance.
ahh, but no... i've been diligently knitting 'til my wrists ache. knitting, taking it apart, reworking a problem, taking it out, thoughtfully coming to a solution, re-knitting, and in the end hopefully pairing the function well with the style.
it is with this that i am in love. it is with this process that i galavant and get lost in thought... i so enjoy the making more than the made, and knitting couldn't be more forgiving... i truly am in love.

this new project was a commissioned bag. my time with it was short, and sadly rushed, so i've no pictures of the finished product (the handles were sewn on around 3am, and by 10.30am it was being whisked away to brighten a friend's birthday.) but i've got the handbag bug again and am very excited to play with the design...

i hope to have a few for sale at the second storie} indie market in november. i'm VERY excited for the new work i have in mind for the event... it's such a lovely time of year for knitting inspiration!
and i'm VERY excited for our event! it's going to be rockin' and perfect! more posting on that will surely come as it is consuming my very being right now... until then, you'll find all the details here.


up up and away...

my head is in the clouds of late. i've been wonderfully distracted. by a boy. i feel like a school girl who is covering her notebook margins with doodles of hearts. i am smitten.
i have been working on a wonderful new knitting project that is just monotonous enough to let my mind wander away a little (while still staying on task, as the deadline is fast-approaching).
my head indeed is in the clouds, but i've attached a string, so i will hopefully be pulled back down again soon... in the meantime, i'm thoroughly enjoying the view from way up here.


a slow and perfect sunday

today the cloudless sky beckoned.