coconuts and snow

i'm not sure i'm in the holiday spirit quite yet, but the snow outside helps. it has been so beautiful. even as i type the flakes are fluttering about in the light from the street lamp outside my window.
what also helps is attending my friend's annual holiday cookie party tomorrow night. i'm excited to catch up with a few old friends, and to fill up on tasty treats. i'll be bringing coconut dream bars, a super easy recipe i nabbed from the martha stewart show. after making these and loving them, amy scherber's the sweeter side of amy's bread is now on my christmas list. the sweeter side of karen.
happy baking to you all.


cold outside, warm inside

it is cold and blustery today, today being what feels like my first free, really free day in months. accomplishing a few gratifying chores this morning(like putting flannel sheets on my bed, an event i usually enjoy a little later in the season...) has left my afternoon free to get lost in the meditation of knitting the set christmas stockings i promised to my parents would be ready to hang on their mantle this year... i have two and a half finished, and two and a half to go... i've put this project off for a while, not able to get my mind in the right spot to work out the details of each, slightly different cabled stocking. but as i sat down to work on mike's this morning, i easily fell into the rhythm again, remembering how much i do love knitting these.
my mind is still elsewhere, but i can't deny that 'tis indeed the season.
(last night i watched the unexpectedly heartwarming film, be kind rewind. it's clever, left my eyes a bit teary, and will make you fall head over heels for mos def, if you're not already.)


second storie} indie market 2008

having spent so long preparing for our second storie} indie market, i'm a little sad now that it's over... sad in the most relieving, fantastic, and peaceful way.
i am still in recovery mode. i spent yesterday intermittently napping, a luxury i can rarely allow myself... today feels new and open... happy!
i have so many things i want to say... but for now, i'm content with a few photos, a couple of bags full of wonderful art and craft i was able to buy/trade for, and some fantastic new friends.
i can't wait to share more. until then, a huge thanks to our vendors, our sponsors, our shoppers, and especially our boyfriends and husbands and friends who've been patiently putting up with the chaos!