waiting for my tea to cool.

on this beautifully cool evening, i look forward to warming myself down to my toes with a cup of peppermint tea and some freshly-baked sugar cookies... it is lovely indeed to be enjoying this treat with the sound of crickets and frogs still ringing loudly through the summer night. it is my favorite time of year to say the least, and this night is begging for reminiscence.

when i turned 28, my dear friend took me out for dessert and stood beside me patiently as i nursed a prematurely-wounded heart (it did take a little longer than the one night). it was a nonplussed celebration.
following was a wonderful whirlwind of second storie, of new friends, more new friends (who've added beautifully to my art collection!), new strength, and new hope... and yes, more new friends.
when i just turned 29, my same dear friend who rescued me from 28 (with beautiful help this time) gathered together the amazing group of friends i am so honored to know. it was a sublime (and surprise) celebration.
perfectly parenthetical birthdays... filled with love and pride.

what, oh what, will these coming twelve months hold? i am brimming with excitement if not words!!


best birthday since '82!!!!

i spent the morning with a purring cat on my lap and knitting needles in my hands. i spent the afternoon outside on the most perfect day our summer has seen; a warm breeze on my face, and the sun casting beautiful shadows. i spent my evening in the surprise company of friends new and old.
the day was all right in every way.


scallion love

just a quick peek at what i've been working on lately. the full garden of market vegetables will be harvested in time for my afternoon at the south wedge farmer's market on august 21st, but for now, i'm too in love with these scallions not to share them.
i'd been getting a little bored lately with my knitting, and and i needed a quick addition to the line to help push me along. these were perfect. with full encouragement from someone very special as i vocally thought out the pattern, and in perfect company as i actually took the yarn to the needles, i'm happy and interested again. i'll be making one last push in the next week or so to finish the rest of the veggies before the market, but it'll be at a comfortable pace.
i can't wait to see how this project finishes, and i really can't wait to work on some new projects i've had rolling around in my head for a while. more on that when the time comes...



lightning storms from a tim horton's parking lot

my wonderful friend nick is in town and i'm thrilled. no one else could get me (happily) to a tim horton's in the middle of the night ("i have a coupon!"), and with no one else would i just happen upon a breathtaking lightning storm.
six years ago we similarly happened upon lake ontario in the middle of the night, on a boredom-drive. pulling off to the shore, we watched for hours the lightning in the distance, wondering if it really was lightning we were watching. the next morning the paper reported the uncommon sightings of the northern lights from the shores of lake ontario.
sitting on the curb of the tim horton's parking lot watching the electric sky, we both fondly (and uncharacteristically) reminisced to that long-ago night...
i will miss nick in a few days, as he moves on in his usual fashion, but am looking forward to an autumn train ride down to visit him in new york city.