maintaining intelligent optimism

i have been, as many, distracted so much by politics lately. more than the incessant campaign coverage, though, i've been delving into the econimic 'crisis' with heavy shoulders. i've long had a bad taste in my mouth over our bizarre economic system thriving on greed and solitary conquests. yet, i am a consumer. i have loans that i pay, i have a credit card, i am a part of what drives this economy... for better or, as it is now, for worse.
i was very taken with the jurriaan kamp's words in the latest issue of ode magazine:

"It’s interesting—and scary—to note how much creativity and intelligence has gone into making money with money instead of making money with new, meaningful goods and services. Maybe history will record the present bubble as the ultimate example of what greed may ruin."

there is hope. there is always hope. i'm just a little sad to see it buried so deeply in words that are usually brimming with it. i suppose that is just another testament to the 'worse' of it all.

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