a simple sneeze, a simple bid of good health...

for two solid months, i have been in pain. it started as an annoyance that gave me the perspective to rethink my movements. it progressed to a constant debilitating presence that kept me uncharacteristically inactive. it's latest stage has left me always on the verge of tears, filled with more worry than i will admit to anyone, at the very edge of patience. and this is speaking not a thing of the physicality of such endured agony. no break. no relief. no rest. no end. no life.
i sneezed.
i broke.
i thought my spine cracked. it was blinding, splitting, almost paralyzing.
the next day i was able.
to walk, leap, dance, live, exist... like normal.
i am still able.
and so i shall remain.
(above is a lovely gift from a patient sister. see more lovelies here. i am grateful.)


joAnn said...

i wish i had more words more often to express my true delight over your victory. it is still so unexpected and hard to believe!


Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Hooray! My mom had a similar sneeze-cure many years ago and also after months of pain. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better :)