good grey mornings

the earthy smell coming off the river this morning mixed with the traffic exhaust and overcast skies brings me straight back to the many field trips of my school days... i can virtually smell the rubber and vinyl of the school bus mixing with the smell of "the city". galleries, museums, institutions. or a tug-boat ride down the erie canal, perhaps? low bridge, everybody down.
the act of moving has brought about the ritual cleansing; the overwhelming and gratifying process of evaluating my Stuff, donating what i don't need, re-organizing the rest. i am able to take my time and therefore enjoy the process a bit. (but, the surface has merely been scratched; let's hope the enjoyment remains to the end). i need this. i have much to let go of. i know i am not alone.
this new space is truly lovely. the old dirty brick warehouses that surround me are comfortable and cozy and the river beckons for a walk. this will soon be home, and i am looking forward to sharing the process.

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Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

You're moving?! Can't wait to see the new space :)