peace amidst a whole wonderful mess of interruptions

every time i sit at this ancient, slow machine my patience wanes as i check my email etc., and i can't sit long enough even to write a quick post about the fabulous soup h.m. spent 24 hours+ making, or the wonderfully crafty adventure i'm embarking on with dear old sis, or all the engaging books i'm reading that have set my internal dialogue into overdrive, or how i can't wait to finish the sweater i'm knitting out of the most luscious kid mohair, or how finally watching the movie Into the Wild has left me terribly twisted up inside, even days later, but it's okay because Mamma Mia! will be on again soon.
so my oh my.
but on this day, with this peaceful morning spent getting some work done, i seem to be in synch with the chaos and interruptions.
good day.

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