In with the new.

The start has always been a point of struggle for me. Where's the best place for my first step down a path? What will be the most concise? The most efficient? The least burdensome on others? The most enjoyable? The BEST? These questions, and more, plague me. From deciding what to do when I first wake up in the morning, to trying to begin an over-due blog post, to wondering how to rekindle lost friendships, to deciding what to make for dinner, to figuring out what I want to do this year, and where I want to do it. The insecurity of the outcome makes starting damn near impossible. But, as it seems, the beginning of this new calendar year provides a good time to do away with all that and just simply start.
Start letting go more, acknowledging my own limitations and others' abilities. Start cooking dinner more often (instead of eating food in the evening and calling it dinner). Start believing that it's okay that I don't know what will happen this year; no one else does either. Start maintaining my empty-for-years etsy shop. Start (and finish) knitting a pair of socks. And a sweater. Start entertaining friends more; parties are great. Start treating my body like the amazing, balanced, delicate machine it is instead of taking it for granted.
Start starting more.
I've never been one for such specific, documented resolutions. But, it seems right to me now.
And in that direction, I will go.
Happy New Year.


joAnn said...

here, here!

shanna murray said...

excited for all your new year will bring! xo

Elide said...

Oh I can relate very much to this post. I am often held back by thinking about all the ways in which an endeavor could possibly go wrong (what if I start this and it doesn’t turn out exactly as I want it to?! what if I don’t finish it soon enough?!) In recent years I have learned to let my intuition guide the first step, and save the rational and analytical side of myself for later on when it’s appropriate. Letting go of the outcome and embracing the process has helped.

coco said...

hi karen
i started crochet and knit on cotton&wool collabolation today, it is fun.
what's you been knitting lately?