A day of rest (and play).

A surprising day off, today. I love days like this, when it feels as if there are more hours in the day than usual. I can give Purl all the attention she can handle, I can tidy my home a bit more carefully, I can make some great headway on my sister's Christmas gift (Yep, that's right. I'm still working on Christmas gifts...), which is shaping up to be so very beautiful. It's a modified and personalized take on this gorgeous wrap on the cover, knit in a luxurious baby alpaca. I shall post photos when I finish, which will be soon.
I've been craving this Persian dish (edited a bit to suit my vegetarianism), and it will make the perfect dinner tonight. I love the sour cherries against the crispy, buttery potatoes.
This day's accomplishments will have to last me a while; I don't see such concentrated time "off" again in my near future. It's so easy to let both jobs take over my days. A day like today is such a treat. I'm feeling well-rested, full of good thoughts, good friends, good food, and I have a cozy night in planned with B and Purl, knitting and watching The Dark Knight. A perfect combination in our little household.

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