a sort of homecoming...

as the soothing sound and smell of the mid-afternoon rainstorm blows into my window, i'm feeling more and more at home. i've given myself a rigorous schedule today, forcing myself back to work on a project i've been avoiding for weeks, organizing my thoughts for upcoming second storie events, filling my kitchen with fresh and lovely food, and overall climbing out of the self-induced, uninspired funk i've been in. it finally feels good to be back. my recent week in the woods has left me in an unexpected state of sadness (maybe more on that soon?), and the transition home has been slow.
as the rain outside is letting up, so too are my dampened spirits.
i'm off to write a letter to a friend i miss dearly. and on that note, i must add praises for a wonderful little office supply company who have recently provided me with fresh, blackest of black typewriter ribbons. they are beacons of hope in the dying markets of typewriter supplies and good customer service. they were a true joy to do business with.


[.L.] said...

hello darling- as I gather my thoughts for my own post I find that you are very much on the same page, despite all the miles and time between us.

i'm having my annual mid-summer funk. the summer breezes in with promises of fireflies and campfires and then seems to deliver bug bites and limbs that stick to eachother. i am of course speaking in metaphor too.

i stood in the doorway of my office today and felt the rain on my feet. i closed my eyes and tried to imagine that it was cleaning away all of my own "self-induced, uninspired funk."

i am making a rabbit doll for my favorite little girl and new pillows for my long avoided etsy shop.

i miss the stuffing out of you. until tomorrow, yes?


[.L.] said...
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[.L.] said...

a doubled comment and then a p.s.

we must talk typewriters!

MeganMonday said...

Hey there Karen- this comment is unrelated, but I couldn't find your email on your site... would you mind sending me your email address? I want to chat with you about the bee print...