sun up, sun down

there will be no full-circle eloquence to this post; i am too spent for that tonight. this day has dragged me throught the mud and has tested my emotional limits. i have just simple thanks.
i got onto this computer of mine tonight to lay some things to rest before i lay myself to rest. as heavy as my shoulders are, and as droopy as my eyelids are, my heart is happy again.
as easy as it is to let another person dramatically alter your day for the worse, as i did today, it's so much easier to let yourself be swept into a peaceful calm by the unexpected and kind words of friends.
megan, i'm glad for your adventurous journey here, too.
and shanna, i suppose there is a certain full-circle eloquence afterall... thanks for being there this morning, and especially thanks for being there this evening.
i will dream well.

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shanna murray said...

thanks for just the right afternoon together. it was the perfect recipe to get through the day. so nice not to be alone, but still be quiet and a little distant together.

i can still feel the water around my ankles, makes me smile.

ollie has been pure genius tonight, all ears back and cuddly and just totally content. i think when he closes his eyes he must dream of you a little bit.

tonight went better than i ever could have expected. it's a wonderful thing when the universe rewards you for being true to yourself. woosh, did i ever need that.

i think i'm ready for that haircut now. maybe.

hope the rest of your day has been like a big hug and a welcome home.

lots of love,