mid-winter seclusion

i've been in the midst of my typical winter behavior. i take my hibernation very seriously. i've been quite busy and productive, though, if not a little absent.
a dear old friend has just started grad school (hooray!) and i've taken a once-a-week spot watching her 2 year old daughter... this little maddy leaves me in giggles and in awe.
a few small knitting projects have my hands occupied, and i'm very excited for the finished products... maybe more to come on these in a day or two.
throughout my work day i've been trying to find my way with new responsibilites. it's been a challenge, and hopefully it's one in which i'm able to find comfort. some newly-more-severe back pain keeps me hyper-aware of how i move and what my limits are. it isn't easy for me to ask for help, especially with such simple asks as taking out the garbage, but immobility after doing it myself is an absurd consquence of stubborness.
i look forward each day to the late-night phone calls from my dear h.m. who's been working out of town for way too long. i am patient for the day when he comes back for more than one night every now and then.
otherwise, i am taking things slow and easy. it feels great. (although, i must admit, it also feels a little, just a little, empty... somewhat reminiscent of winter break home from college... boredom from no deadlines.)

stay warm and happy.
i will do the same.


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