winter continues

it has been a pretty average week, with little of note happening. the stormy, snowy weather of rochester in january has kept me inside and cozy.

i made this bag on sunday afternoon. i'm shocked that a gal with little sewing experience and no clue what she's doing could pull this off so successfully. i love love love it!
i then stole away to buffalo for a perfectly uneventful evening with h.m. i've been to visit him there more than a few times now over the past few months and i've really enjoyed the solitary, hour drive. peaceful and quiet. (and the bed in his hotel is SUPER comfortable. i sleep like a rock.)
today i'm looking forward to making (and eating) delectable chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for my brother-in-law's 35th birthday. with a hearty corn chowder for dinner and then a few snacks with second storie, i will surely go to sleep warm, full, and happy tonight.
next week is shaping up to be a little more eventful, with the beautiful losers evening on thursday, and then my friend's clothing swap party (brilliant!) on saturday... i'm looking forward to some new friends and some new clothes.


Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

I was going to ask where you got the bag when I saw it tonight - it's awesome! I LOVE the style and the color. And the food was delicious :)

shanna murray said...

I was going to ask too, I thought it might be from moop. It is just darling! Well done you, it looked perfect! I think I remember when you got that fabric way back when, gorgeous.

Also perfect, those cupcakes. I was still thinking about them today and wishing I had one at tea time. YUM! Would you be willing to share the recipe?

It was so good to see you last night! I'm hoping we can get together again super soon!