the beauty of a palindromic acronym

i have a crush, oh boy, do i have a crush. who he is is fairly insignificant and he shall be known only as m.m.o.m.m (mystery.man.of.my.mind). but, man oh man is he of my mind... our paths have crossed once or twice, and surely will again, and until then, he will randomly stumble through my thoughts as i stumble through my day.
i'm fairly certain he, like most, is currently with another, alas, but what is a crush but a harmless romp into the realm of hopes and standards that are never to be met with real possibilty, for it is that meeting that is the end of the crush and too often the beginning of disappointment.
aahh, but for now, i'm miles away from that disappointment. for now i'll camp out where i can doodle little hearts in the margins and daydream about our next encounter.


cris said...

sometimes a crush is better than the reality!
Crush on! Doodle big red hearts and carve your initials in it and dream big dreams. Paths that cross have purposes and lead to roads, less traveled ones, more traveled ones and ones waiting to be built.

whatever the deal enjoy the moment! And smile that secret smile.....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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