summer is abound

there is summer on the calendar, there is summer in the air, and there is summer in the hearts of my loved ones... big things are on the verge, but the laid back afternoons are happily the priority.
i'm always amazed at how, with the shifting of the seasons, there too is a shifting of our selves, our moods, our desires. the frantic energy of spring has dulled slightly and is now settling into a peace and a happiness that we can all wrap ourselves in. there is a comfort in the air, in the warmth, even in the word itself. summer.
my arms are wide with welcome.
as i'm coming out of a too-long slumber of emotion and creativity, i'm opening my eyes to that fact that my slumber was not a lone one, regardless of how often it felt so. the wakening of my friends' spirits is as joyous to me as my own. for some i'm watching from the sidelines with a proud smile, and with others i couldn't feel more intertwined. but we are all feeling it.
big things are indeed on the verge, and i'm happy to not be anxious for them. in due time, as with all.
for now i have my begbie and my books. i have my wine and my will shortz.
and i have my summer and my friends.


shanna said...

i have my will shortz, tea, ollie, and gratitude for a friend who writes me into a perfect calm. thanks for the read, it was beautiful.

love, s

shanna said...

p.s. instead of will shortz tonight, curl up with this:


:) :) :)