there is change. there is life.

i have spent my past week amid changes... they are subtle and significant, the most ponderous kind.

change is lately such a common word (especially when our next president is campainging on it) that i often lose sight of it's impact. we are ever-changing in so many, so many ways. our universe is continually expanding at an unfathomably-rapid rate. earth is in a constant state of movement, of evolution as we hurl on through time. our physical bodies are in a constant fluctuation, always processing, digesting, surviving in such elegant, coordinated systems. and then our minds... our selves. each situation brings a new realm of knowledge previously un-existing to us. each moment our minds have changed, even if from the simple act of processing the previous moment. change is, in so many ways, synonymous with life.
taking this all for granted, these constantly changing selves and worlds, i'll feel a monotonous drone as i too-often find that an entire week has gone by without my conscious presence. one week. the entire lifespan of most moths, and i'll have spent that prescious time on auto-pilot. wakeless. changeless
but this week... this week has been a present one. a changing one. i've regained a long-missing awareness of my physical body and its beautiful systems. i'll treat them right, they'll treat me right. i've found myself more internally aware of my places in my life, and my happiness or unhappiness with them.
where there is unhappiness there is change. and where there is awareness and acceptance of change, there is happiness. there is life.


cris said...

The eloquence of your words always amazes me, enlightens me and gives me comfort in knowing there are others who struggle with the same things as I.
Change is the foundation of life in a sense. Without it one cannot grow or challenge what is right and wrong.
Auto pilot is a scary thing. How does one forget to live in the present when so much happens daily.
I am so lucky to be surrounded by you and all of our other common friends who are finding there way through all of this. Lucky, indeed!
May your journey be a wonderful one!

karen said...

it's funny you mention the challenge of what is right and wrong... that's another obsession of my mind lately... i suppose a post will come about that soon.

MeganMonday said...

I stumbled here today. jumping over ponds and looking under rocks. through the trees. I'm glad.

I find being truly present (with consistency) is an incredible challenge. so many infinitesimal layers. how does this strawberry really taste? am I really listening? how does that wind feel?

shanna said...

you are the tea in my cup. these words are beautiful and i can't tell you how i long for a slow sunday walk (tea in hand), just chatting about change and time and life. quite a conversation apart from the rapid fire catch-up we had this morning. though, it was wonderful to see you this morning.

thank you for being such an irreplaceable, make me smile anytime, make me think of you when something important happens in my life, sing your praises to myself sort of friend!