my kindered art spirit

top photos by: David Stewart
bottom photo by: Rose DiSalvo

my wonderfully good friend, nick (the beautifully backlit boy above) puts on operas. i'm astounded by their talent. and their ability to take a room, a parachute, and a spectacular group of musicians, and put on a humblingly-incredible show.
in about a month, opera cabal will be having a benefit. i cannot wait to go to a swanky manhattan high-rise apartment for what is sure to be a great party. nick tells epic tales of these parties. (which is actually more telling of nick than of these parties.) they will be hosting an auction of various arty goods and services, among them a new knit clutch i've been thinking about. hopefully.
i'm looking forward to a long weekend in new york... i will surely be able to walk around and enjoy the city a bit. it's been far far too long since i've been.

(i have high hopes for tomorrow.) a happy day to you all.

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shanna said...

ah a trip to ny, how grand! you know, c and i are going to ny at the end of march :). thanks for the love today, sorry i couldn't pick up, but tomorrow i will. love you.