the night of escape.

i am looking forward to watching the academy awards this evening. it is a guilty pleasure to watch the pomp and circumstance of it all. i'll be donning my most comfortable pajamas for the affair, while snacking on a super-addicting homemade version of kettle corn:

1/3c unpopped popcorn
4tbsp canola (or whatever) oil
1tsp vanilla extract
~2 tbsp sugar (for the sweeter tooth, a little more won't hurt)
in a heavy saucepot (or stovetop popcorn cooker) mix all ingredients and cook, covered, over medium heat until popcorn is popped, stirring, or swirling, regularly. immediately pour onto a cookie sheet to sprinkle with salt, and cool. in a few minutes it'll be cool enough to break up and enjoy.

i hope you enjoy the escape to hollywood as well...

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shanna said...

glad you're tucked in! wonder if they'll be anything as stunning this year as michelle williams' gorgeous yellow stunner. i haven't seen one i liked more since then.

was going to invite you here for it all but knew you'd be much cozier at home. plus, it smells like bacon over here. :) and hey, did you get my email earlier?