soldier on, soldier on

thank you. i wrote the last post with a head less level than usual. i fear i've worried a few friends more than this condition warrants. i'm fixable. but frustrated. (though, i feel that the simple act of venting a little has let me now return to a calmer place. this calmness could also be attributed to the hesitant success of the new medicine, which is keeping the swelling, and thusly the pain, at a tolerable level. time, two weeks perhaps, will tell).

after a late dinner of hearty, wintry greens with mushrooms and pasta, i'm full, settled, and trying to keep an upwards and forwards facing head. h.m. will be finally home. for good. in a few days. i'm looking forward to getting to know us together again, anew; he's been away a while.
i, too, have been getting to know well a noble beast, among other animal collective... new music is a tea warm and soothing to my cool, wintered self.
i am usually very antsy for the coming spring by now, and if i give in to the distant thoughts of the smell of warm air, the fresh earthy green stems poking out of the ground, and the chilly, blanket-wrapped evenings on a porch, i will surely be pining... but, one look outside tonight at the beautiful fresh snowfall, i am back to a contented end of winter. i'm enjoying this still.

a happy weekend to you all.


Melissa said...

so glad to hear that you are feeling somewhat better.

and that pasta, gosh that looks good.

shanna said...

glad to hear that medicine is starting to kick in. can't wait to get together and chat about Souverian and Oh No, etc. over tea and maybe some peanut butter cookies at my place??