too many two weeks...

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i'm trying to maintain a respectable, mature level of patience. i'm trying to find some comfort with an uncomfortable body. i'm trying to not get my hopes up with each doctor's visit. each time, i'm told to try ____* and come back in two weeks. i'm beginning to wonder if i'm effectively expressing just how debilitating this is; i don't get the impression my doctors are taking me seriously. i'm in tears each night, from sheer frustration and pain. but, it's not life-threatening (just quality-of-life-threatening.), so two more weeks it is.

the health care industry is in existence for one reason (admittedly with many others underlying), and that is to help people. was i naively optimistic in thinking that this would supercede the insurance red tape, the fear of committing to the wrong diagnosis, and the appearance of indifference?
it is so hard for me to have such cynicism, but i know it's born of frustration, and is quite temporary. perhaps it will be gone in two weeks.


*first it was an NSAID and physical therapy. now it's a steriod and more physical therapy.

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[.L.] said...

Oh darlin'! What's going on?

I remember when I was beginning to feel the effects of my fibroid. The endless doctor visits and "... 2 weeks" Keep at it, ask the questions and INSIST every step of the way until you know they hear you. Health care is a mess, but you can do it. I know you can.